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Privacy Policy

Opt out of future emails from University Advancement

Select specific types of emails you no longer wish to receive, or opt out of all future emails.

You may choose to opt out of all emails sent by University Advancement. If you choose this option, you will not receive any University Advancement emails including the following group-specific communications.
  • PARENTS AND FAMILIES: You will not receive any emails from University Advancement or the Office of Parent Programs.  This means you would not receive emails that might contain important news, action items or due dates, information about Commencement (graduation), etc.  It is recommended that you do not opt out of all email or the Email Newsletter.
  • ALUMNI: You will not receive any emails from University Advancement, which could include Homecoming, networking or social events, changes to WakeNetwork and other digital services, etc.
  • STUDENTS: You will not receive any future alumni emails, or emails about alumni services to assist in your transition from student to graduate.