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Use Wake Network to:

  • Search for friends and associates
  • Find community members in your area
  • Update your personal information
  • Manage your privacy settings

About Privacy and Security

  • The directory is available only to registered members of the Wake Forest Community and is not accessible to non-members.
  • Members of the community include alumni, parents and friends of the University.
  • Members can limit the availability of their information by editing their privacy settings.
  • Information about members contained in the directory is not sold, leased or otherwise provided to third parties.

Acceptable Use Policy


The Wake Network is for official University and Alumni Association use and for individual communication of a personal nature among the alumni listed therein.  Use of the information found in the Wake Network for any other purpose, including but not limited to, reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical, or the use of addresses (electronic or otherwise), telephone numbers, or other information contained therein for any private, commercial, or political mailing is strictly prohibited and constitutes misappropriation of proprietary information.  Such unauthorized use may also violate the rights of privacy and/or publicity of individuals listed therein.


Inappropriate use of the Wake Network may result in the complete revocation of your rights of access to the Wake Network. 


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